SEWPROF Newsletter Issue 8 – February 2016

The final issue of the SEWPROF Newsletter, edited by Janelle van Wel, is now available at the link below.  This issue includes messages from many of the Supervisors and Fellows about their experiences on the project and some of the highlights from the last 4 years.  Enjoy!

Newsletter Issue 8 – February 2016


SEWPROF Newsletter Issue 7 – December 2015

The 7th issue of the SEWPROF Newsletter, edited by Janelle van Wel, is now available.  In this publication, Ana Causanilles Llanes of the KWR institute in the Netherlands and Juliet Kinyua of the University of Antwerp, Belgium, write about their joint project and what it is like to work with different labs, machinery and countries!

Newsletter Issue 7 – December 2015


SEWPROF Newsletter Issue 6 – October 2015

The 6th SEWPROF newsletter includes articles on the final SEWPROF conference, Zhugen Yang and Stefania Salvatore. Also, the prize-winning paper of Christoph Ort is summarized, as well as some other publications from the SEWPROF group.

Newsletter Issue 6 – October 2015

SEWPROF Newsletter Issue 5 – June 2015

In this newsletter you will find, among other items, a short report on TC5 in Castellón and a special article about one of our researchers, Ana Causanilles Llanes.

Newsletter Issue 5 – June 2015

SEWPROF Newsletter Issue 4 – April 2015

The fourth SEWPROF newsletter features articles about researchers Bram Miserez and Alexander van Nuijs, as well as secondment reports and ‘get-to-know’ articles.  Enjoy!

Newsletter Issue 4 – April 2015

SEWPROF Newsletter Issue 3, February 2015

Issue 3, edited by Janelle van Wel, provides updates on the SEWPROF project, wich a focus on Ann-Kathrin Ostermeyer and her work on biofilms in sewer systems.  In addition, several of the ESR/ERs tell about their experiences of their research secondments.

Newsletter Issue 3 – February 2015

SEWPROF Newsletter Issue 2, December 2014

The second issue of the newsletter, edited by Janelle van Wel.  In this edition, apart from reports from a number of ESRs/ERs, the focus lies on the work of Jose Antonio Baz Lomba and the first SCORE working group in Malta.

Newsletter Issue 2 – December 2014