Project Deliverables

WP1: Development of robust sampling techniques & assessment of biomarker transformation in sewers

Deliverable 1.1: Report on passive samplers for sewage biomarkers
Deliverable 1.2: Report on adaptation of traditional sampling devices for sewage epidemiology
Deliverable 1.3: Report on models for estimating in-sewer transformation of biomarkers


Deliverable 1.1-1.3

WP2: Development of methods for targeted analysis and screening of biomarkers

Deliverable 2.1: Report on methods for specific health-related biomarkers in sewage
Deliverable 2.2: Report on methods for enantioselective analysis and biosensors
Deliverable 2.3: Report on multichannel biosensors for human biomarkers
Deliverable 2.4: Report on analytical tools for new drugs/psychoactive compounds and their transformation products in sewage

Deliverable 2.1-2.4

WP3: Estimation of community-wide health and lifestyle

Deliverable 3.1: Report on identification of new synthetic drugs in the illicit drug market
Deliverable 3.2: Report on measurement of the weekly variation of prescription drugs in sewage
Deliverable 3.3: Report on identification of metabolic pathways of drugs of abuse in sewage
Deliverable 3.4: Report on refined estimation methods of population habits
Deliverable 3.5: Report on reliable estimation of population size and dynamics
Deliverable 3.6: Report on comparison of results from sewage and social studies in a small and stable community

Deliverable 3.1-3.6

WP4: Europe-wide sewage epidemiology monitoring

Deliverable 4.1: Report on application of a) best sampling techniques; b) specific analytical methods; c) refined calculation methods
Deliverable 4.2: Report on testing of novel sewage epidemiology applications
Deliverable 4.3: Report on comparison of health and lifestyle profiles of different communities
Deliverable 4.4: Report on identification of new drugs of abuse in sewage

Deliverable 4.1-4.4

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