Ana Causanilles Llanes


Ana studied a BSc in Chemistry followed by an MSc in Applied Chromatographic Techniques at the University Jaume I of Castellón, Spain. The focus of this MSc was to enhance knowledge in chromatographic/mass spectrometry techniques and sample treatment procedures in order to solve analytical problems, study the quality accreditation methodology and provide skills to plan and organize research in the field of analytical chemistry.

During the period between the end of her Bachelor studies and the start of the PhD, she collaborated at the Research Institute for Pesticides and Water (University Jaume I of Castellón, Spain) in the development of treatment procedures for sample monitoring and the development of analytical methodology based on different extraction procedures (P&T, SPE, SPME, QuEChERS) followed by gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry detection (single-Q, ITD, TOF), applying the developed procedures to analyse pesticides in fruits, vegetables and juices, and tomato aromas.


Mass spectrometric tools for targeted analysis, screening of unknowns and retrospective analysis of new drugs and metabolites

The project involves: the improvement of existing protocols and/or the development of new ones for target analysis of known drugs of abuse (DOA) and their correspondent human metabolites; the potential assessment of different hyphenated mass spectrometry techniques (with different ionization sources);. and the identification of unknown DOA and their transformation products including retrospective conjugates.

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