Ann-Kathrin Ostermeyer

Ann-Kathrin OstermeyerBiography

Ann-Kathrin’s background is in environmental engineering with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Applied Science Bremen (Germany), followed by a Fulbright-sponsored Master of Science degree from San Diego State University (USA). During her M.S. studies she investigated silver nanoparticles as emerging micropollutants in wastewater and studied their dissolution behavior and toxicity to ammonia oxidizing bacteria, a model organism in wastewater treatment. In April 2013, she started her doctorate research at Eawag: the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, part of ETH Zurich in Switzerland.


The role of in-sewer transformation on illicit drug target residues to estimate community drug abuse through wastewater analysis

The project focuses on the biotic and abiotic transformation processes of the drugs of abuse (DOA) during their transport in sewer networks. I am investigating the role of sewer biofilms on the DOA transformation. Lab and full-scale experiments are designed and performed to identify relevant variables to model transformation during in-sewer transport.

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