Marie Mardal

Marie MardalBiography

Marie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy, followed by an MSc in Pharmaceutical Science from the University of Copenhagen completed in 2012. The main focus of her Master’s was analytical chemistry, as a part of which she followed courses at the University of Uppsala and the Technical University of Denmark. Between her Master’s and PhD she worked as a scientific assistant at the department of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Environmental Engineering at the University of Aalborg. As of March 2013 she is a PhD student in toxicology at the University of Saarland, Germany.


Studies on the biotransformation/degradation pathways of drugs (of abuse) and/or their main human metabolites by microbes or chemicals in wastewater

Wastewater has a complex and diverse microbial flora. These microbes might biotransform drugs of abuse, and their human metabolites, discharged to the sewer system. We are investigating microbial biotransformation capacity in raw wastewater and pure wastewater microbial strains.

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