Yeonsuk Ryu

Yeonsuk RyuBiography

Yeonsuk has an MSc in Pharmacy from Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea specialised in analytical chemistry. During her Master’s study, she worked as an intern at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) where she carried out chemical analysis utilising LC and GC. She is currently working at the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) pursuing a PhD degree.


Development and validation of sewage biomarkers of human health

The project will involve the development and application of methods for the analysis of selected health and lifestyle biomarkers (e.g. illness and disease; specific pharmaceuticals and their metabolites; oxidative stress: F2-isoprostanes, 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine, pregnancy: ß-human chorionic gonadotropin; allergy: antihistamines hepatoma/testicular cancer: α-fetoprotein) in sewage. Methods will be developed for the different biomarkers in effluent samples using a combination of UPLC-MS-MS, GC-HRToFMS and qrt-PCR.

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